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Oil Plus is a world leading independent consultancy in oil and gas field water management. By determining the fundamental source water characteristics and water injection specification, through on-site and laboratory analysis, Oil Plus ensures its process engineering conceptual designs are based on accurate data. Oil Plus can also assist operators to gain and maintain full control of their water treatment and injection / disposal systems by providing a commissioning service, operational support, and solutions to production chemistry issues.

With all production chemistry problems we undertake a root cause analysis so that the most appropriate, evidence-based, solution can be developed. On-site monitoring programmes are conducted with specialist equipment e.g. sessile biofilm monitoring tubes (SBMT), biocide evaluation test rigs (BETR), corrosion monitoring side-stream devices and oil-in-water monitors, backed up by detailed and thorough on-site and laboratory studies.

Calcium naphthenate prediction (the naphthenate probability index (NPI)) and mitigation, and molecular microbiological methods are two key specialisms. Oil Plus manages several Joint Industry Projects (JIPs), evaluating new techniques in our custom built laboratories using 'live' production fluids, to provide accurate identification of the types of microbes, (bacteria or archaea). The results are fed into a specialist modelling programme (SourSimRL), developed as part of the JIP, in order to implement effective monitoring and mitigation regimes.

During conceptual design projects, the water treatment equipment and processes are selected after a techno-economic evaluation of all the possible solutions. Fundamental to this process are:

  • Accurate aquifer, lake, produced, river or sea water analysis to determine the worst quality water that the treatment plant must deal with;
  • Oil Plus's permeability reduction test rigs (PRTR) for on-site coreflood testing of live injection water, to accurately determine the degree of filtration that is required;
  • Analysis of production deposits such as hydrates, waxes, organic and inorganic scale, for control and mitigation plans to be developed;
  • The souring potential of a waterflood this is predicted using unique software developed by our reservoir souring JIP, and a mitigation strategy for hydrogen sulphide;
  • Corrosion and corrosion control.

Greenfield designs there is no better adage than 'prevention is better than cure'. Good accurate water composition and oil analysis are essential to design-out any potential flow assurance problems. Cutting corners does not!

Onshore and offshore, Oil Plus operates around the globe from its numerous Oil Plus and John Crane bases. For further information on the services we offer, please contact your local representative.

Oil Plus is an ISO: 9001 certificated company and is part John Crane, a division of the Smiths Group plc.

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