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Technical Papers
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2013Biodegradation of Alkyl Branched Aromatic Alkanoic Naphthenic Acids by Pseudomonas putida KT2440Link to purchase paper
2012Aerobic Biotransformation of Alkyl Branched Aromatic Alkanoic Naphthenic Acids via Two Different Pathways by a New Isolate of MycobacteriumLink to purchase paper
2012MIC Mitigation Strategies and Improved Microbiological Monitoring TechniquesLink to purchase paper
2012The Green Side of Produced Water Management: Can we use Microalgae to clean up Produced Water? Request paper
2012Archaea and the Use of Molecular Microbiological Tools for Monitoring and Control of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) in PipelinesLink to purchase paper
2012Shale Gas Frac Waters – Treatment, Re-use and DisposalRequest paper
2012Novel DNA Extraction and Preservation for Identification of Micro-organisms On-site using Novel Nucleic Acid Extraction Cards for the Oil and Gas IndustryLink to purchase paper
2012Novel MIC Mitigation Strategies and Improved Microbiological Monitoring Techniques Link to purchase paper
2011Water Supply and Effluent Disposal Challenges in the Egypt / Middle East Oil IndustryRequest paper
2011Pipeline Integrity Monitoring ProgrammesRequest paper
2011Microbial Biodegradation of Aromatic Alkanoic Naphthenic Acids is Affected by the Degree of Alkyl Side Chain BranchingLink to purchase paper
2010Fuel for the Future – Unlocking New Fuel ResoursesLink to purchase paper
2010Detection of SRP Activity by Quantification of mRNA for Dissimilatory (bi) Sulfite Reductase Gene (dsrA) by Reverse Transcription Quantitative PCRLink to purchase paper
2010Reservoir Souring in a Field With Sulphate Removal: A Case StudyLink to purchase paper
2010How Many Microorgansims Present? Quantitative Reverse Transcription PCR (QRT-PCR)Link to purchase paper
2010Problems Caused by Microbes and Treatment Strategies – Health and Safety Issues from the Production of Hydrogen SulphideLink to purchase paper
2009Integrated Produced Water Management – Experiences & ChallengesRequest paper
2008Predicting and Preventing Oilfield Scale; the Value of Accurate Chemical Analysis and Correct Sample Handling ProceduresRequest paper
2008A Derivatisation and Liquid Chromatography / Electrospray Ionisation Multistage Mass Spectrometry Method for the Characterisation of Naphthenic AcidsLink to purchase paper
2008An Holistic Approach to Water Supply and Effluent DisposalRequest paper
2008Implications of Biofuels on Microbial Spoilage and Corrosion within the Fuel Distribution Chain and End UseLink to purchase paper
2007Structure Elucidation of C80, C81 and C82 Isoprenoid Tetra Acids Responsible for Naphthenate Deposition in Crude Oil ProductionLink to purchase paper
2007Invesitgation into Halfdan Water Injection Biofilm using Chemical MicrosensorsLink to purchase paper
2007Analysis of 'ARN' Naphthenic Acids by High Temperature Gas Chromatography and High Performance Liquid ChromatographysRequest paper
2007Implications of Produced Water Re-injection on Reservoir SouringRequest paper
2006Effects of Nitrate Treatment on a Mixed Species, Oil Field Microbial Biofilm Link to purchase paper
2006Reservoir Simulation of Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria Activity in the Deep Sub-SurfaceLink to purchase paper
2005Produced Water Re-injection and its Impact on Reservoir SouringRequest paper
2005Naphthenate Formation in Oil Production: General Theories and Field ObservationsRequest paper
2005West Seno Deepwater Development Case History – Production ChemistryLink to purchase paper
2005Controls on Soap Scale Formation, including Naphthenate Soaps – Drivers and MitigationLink to purchase paper
2004Corrosion by Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria that Utilize NitrateLink to purchase paper
2004A Novel Approach to Investigate Biofilm Accumulation and Bacterial Transport in Porous MatricesRequest paper
2004Predicting Injectivity Decline in Water Injection Wells by Upscaling On-site Core Flood DataRequest paper
2003Nitrate for Corrosion Control, Souring Control, and Improved Oil ProductionRequest paper
2003Produced Water Management – An Integrated ApproachRequest paper
2002The Influence of Fluid Shear and Material Properties of Sulphate-reducing Bacterial BiofilmsRequest paper
2002Detection and Isolation of Different Functional Groups of Bacteria from an Oil Production SystemRequest paper
2002Formation and Mitigation of Metallic Soap Sludge, Serang Field, IndonesiaLink to purchase paper
2001Management of H2S in Reservoirs – Biological Effects in Reservoirs Related to SouringRequest paper
2000Management of H2S in Reservoirs – Biological Effects in Reservoirs Related to SouringRequest paper
2000Experience with the use of Tetrakishydroxymethyl-phosphonium Sulfate (THPS) for the Control of Downhole Hydrogen SulfideLink to purchase paper
1999Produced Water Management – Reservoir and Facilities Engineering AspectsLink to purchase paper
1999Microbial Aspects of CorrosionRequest paper
1998Field Specific Demonstrations of Modification of Microbial Growth in Oil Reservoirs: Flow Cell and Micromodel Investigations of Attachment Characteristics of Reservoir BacteriaRequest paper
1998Overview of Souring, Corrosion and Plugging Due to Reservoir OrganismsRequest paper
1998Laboratory Investigations of Compatibility of the Dammam Formation Aquifer with Desalinated Freshwater at a Pilot Recharge Site in KuwaitRequest paper
1997Microbial Induced CorrosionRequest paper
1996Redefining Acceptable Hydrocarbon Levels in Water DischargeRequest paper
1996Evaluation of Microbially Influenced Corrosion Risks and Control Strategies in Seawater and Produced Water Injection SystemsRequest paper
1996Control Strategies for Thermophilic Sulphate-Reducing BacteriaRequest paper
1996Bacterial Growth in Oilfield Reservoirs: Souring and Biofouling Related to Reservoir Treatments and CharacteristicsRequest paper
1996Offshore Issues Related to Microbiological Fuel Contamination Request paper
1995Influence of Surfaces on Sulphidogenic BacteriaRequest paper
1995Bacterial Growth in Oilfield Reservoirs: Souring and Biofouling Related to Reservoir Treatments and CharacteristicsRequest paper
1995Reservoir Souring – Control Using BiocidesRequest paper
1994On-site Evaluation of Organic Biocides for Cost Effective Control of Sessile Bacteria and Microbially Influenced CorrosionRequest paper
1994Survival Mechanisms of Hydrogen Sulphide-Producing Bacteria Isolated from Extreme Environments and their Role in CorrosionLink to purchase paper
1994Produced Water Treatment to Meet Current and Future Environmental StandardsLink to purchase paper
1994Corrosion Implications of Thermophilic Sulphate-Reducing Bacterial Growth in Oil ReservoirsLink to purchase paper
1993Isolation and Core Penetration of Starved and Vegetative Cultures from North Sea Oil SystemsRequest paper
1993Thermophilic Sulphate-Reducing Bacteria and Reservoir Souring: Practical Consequences of Dormant Forms of t-SRBRequest paper
1993Practical Methods for Modelling Behaviour of Reservoir Organisms Grown in BiofilmsRequest paper
1993Malignant Microbes May Sour ReservoirsRequest paper
1993Environmental Aspects of Produced Water DisposalLink to purchase paper
1993Advances in Solving Oilfield Scaling ProblemsRequest paper
1993Reservoir Souring: The Involvement of Dormant Thermophilic Sulphate-Reducing BacteriaRequest paper
1993Safety Aspects of Water Injection FacilitiesRequest paper
1992Monitoring and Detection of Different Growth States of Thermophilic SRBRequest paper
1992Rapid Methods for Assessing Microbes Relevant to CorrosionRequest paper
1992Microbiological Corrosion Aspects of the Great Man-made River Project, Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab JamahiriyaRequest paper
1992Corrosion Control using Residual Chlorine in Water Injection SystemsRequest paper
1992Microbiological Hazards and Risks Associated with Offshore Oilfield OperationsLink to purchase paper
1992Rapid Methods for Assessing Microbes Relevant to CorrosionLink to purchase paper
1991Biofouling Control by Continuous Halogen ApplicationRequest paper
1991New Trends in Oilfield Injection Water TreatmentRequest paper
1990Implications of Residual Chlorine in Seawater Injection SystemsRequest paper
1990Present Status of Souring in the North SeaRequest paper
1990Accurate Chemical Analysis – The Basis for Dependable Laboratory Studies and Process DesignRequest paper
1989Criteria for Produced Water Re-InjectionRequest paper
1986On-Site Testing of Oilfield WatersLink to purchase paper
1983Troubleshooting Mature WaterfloodsLink to purchase paper
1981Logical Approach Yields Correct Injection Water QualityRequest paper

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