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Paper 38 Field Specific Demonstrations of Modification of Microbial Growth in Oil Reservoirs: Flow Cell and Micromodel Investigations of Attachment Characteristics of Reservoir Bacteria


This is the first year report on a two year project designed to build on earlier extensive research work supported by the DTI from the University of Exeter in association with Oil Plus Ltd., funded by North Sea operators and suppliers. The purpose of this study is to achieve field scale demonstration of selected chemical reservoir treatments and follows directly from the work reported previously.

Eleven tasks were originally offered with the project proposal:

  1. Studies on mSRB, tSRB and other bacteria
  2. Water Activity
  3. Bacterial Transport in Porous Matrices
  4. Characterisation of Bacterial Nutrients in Oil Bearing Reservoirs
  5. Coreflooding
  6. Refinement of Reservoir Souring Models
  7. Selective Promotion of Beneficial Bacteria
  8. Testing of Reservoir Chemicals
  9. Field Providing Trials
  10. Collection and Culture of New Samples of Reservoir Organisms
  11. Controlled Laboratory Investigation to Determine the fate of 832/34S in Sulphide from Sulphate

    C J Bass, H M Lappin-Scott, P F Sanders, M Palmer

Date:  May 1998

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