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SERVICES > Water Management > Monday,21/April/2014
Data Review

Oil Plus is often involved in the review of client field data as part of troubleshooting studies on unsuccessful waterfloods.

Our aim is to ensure successful and cost-effective injection is achieved, while making best use of the existing facilities, services and resources.

Common causes of poor performance in water treatment and injection systems are:

  • Fluctuations in source water quality.
  • Formation of emulsions in the process system.
  • Scale precipitation.
  • Presence of bacteria.
  • High corrosivity.
  • Poor filtration leading to an unacceptable level of total suspended solids.
  • Failure of chemical dosing systems.
  • High levels of organic solids.
  • Chemical incompatibility between the injection water and the host rock.

Our approach is to visit site, undertake a system review, and after discussions with the client's operational staff, prepare a report identifying the problems, the causes and the necessary remedial action. If required, Oil Plus can plan and implement the remedial works.

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